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Chipotle Hooked Me Up Out Of The Kindness Of Their Heart

Kindness of their heart

How I got my frown to turn upside down with Chipotle’s kindness of their heart!

I was having a not so great start to my Thursday. I woke up early to get my day started so I could record with the amazing Mark Asquith. We recorded a great interview and promo video for my podcasting conference (that you should totally come to): Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference! Right after recording this interview on Facebook Live, I jetted off to a doctor’s appointment that I had scheduled.

When I arrived I realized that I had forgotten my wallet at home so I didn’t have any money, id or insurance card. Fortunately I keep digital records of my insurance information and was able to get by with that. I then had my wife, Melissa, send me over the numbers to my credit card. They were super helpful with taking care of my situation. Before I got out of the waiting room, I realized that the interview I did with Mark Asquith had no sound to go with the video. Fortunately for me my check up went well and even got to have a great conversation with my doctor.

Afterwards I headed towards Chipotle to get some lunch.

I figured having my card setup in Apple Pay would be enough to order lunch to go for Melissa and I. So when I got up to the counter in the empty restaurant (it was [11:30] AM). I asked if they accepted Apple Pay. It was the only form of payment that I had at the time. The girl behind the counter told me she didn’t believe so but asked the cashier. The cashier did not think so either, so he went back to ask the manager. As odd as it sounds, they do not accept Apple Pay. The cashier came back to the counter and told me that my meal would be comped to help me out since I had no other way to pay for the meals I was about to order. I am so grateful for the kindness of their heart to allow me to not leave empty handed. I ordered our lunch and headed on the way home.

This type of kindness wasn’t necessary and I never expected to hear that. I’ve been this location many times but I am sure I was not recognized by any of the staff. I do not frequent there as often as I once did when I worked around the corner.

Kindness of their heart

Whenever it is possible, pay it forward. You never know when someone will be willing to go to bat for you out of the kindness of their heart. So open your heart up whenever possible and good things will come your way. Positivity breeds positivity.

Your story?

Do you have a story of you or someone you know or seen doing something great out of the kindness of their heart? I want to hear about it in the comments!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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  1. Lorie says:

    Every Thursday we have a radio station that encourages listeners to pay it forward. They call it the Druve-Thru difference, but it can also be done at grocery stores, at toll booths, anywhere there would be a line at a cash register. You pay for yours & the person behind you.

    I have made it a point to do this every Thursday, for several years., and even though I no longer eat at fast food chains, I will order a coffee or water, just to place myself in the situation of being able to do this.

    I tell the cashier to just tell them that someone paid it forward for them & I try to get out before they have a chance to stop me. But, on occasion that’s not possible & I’ve heard several touching storie of how it couldn’t have happened to them at a better time. There have even been a few times where the person behind me, immediately paid it forward and paid for the person behind them. I love that chain reaction!

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