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Biz Coach Reacts: Battling Bros & Business Failing on The Profit Part 2

I react and give my advice to the business, and family behind 1-800 Car Cash. (Part 2)

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Working in a family business can be extremely difficult. Communication, trust, and dividing up responsibilities are key to success and setting everyone up to thrive. In this episode of The Profit, we see a family being torn apart after the two brothers’ father passed away. Their business is suffering as much as their relationship.

This is a tale I’ve seen all too often, and have lived through myself.

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  1. Super Joe Pardo says:

    Oh no!! I’m sorry to hear that. 🙁 good to see you here though! Hope you are doing well? And I hope you are enjoying this new series?

  2. Brad Gudim says:

    @Super Joe Pardo ✨ I’m spending more time on LinkedIn, I YouTube and… TickTock of all places.

  3. Hannah Foster says:

    0:45 Omg this superbike, must see this

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