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Biz Coach Reacts: Battling Bros & Business Failing on The Profit Part 1

I react and give my advice to the business, and family behind 1-800 Car Cash. (Part 1)

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Working in a family business can be extremely difficult. Communication, trust, and dividing up responsibilities are key to success and setting everyone up to thrive. In this episode of The Profit, we see a family being torn apart after the two brothers’ father passed away. Their business is suffering as much as their relationship.

This is a tale I’ve seen all too often, and have lived through myself.

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  1. Business Bros Pod says:

    Great episode! You should do more of these for sure!!

  2. Jodi Krangle says:

    Love this, Joe! A great lesson in sales & profit – while giving the client a better experience at the same time. Nicely done!

  3. Super Joe Pardo says:

    Have you been in a situation where you felt like bad communications was hindering your ability to do your job within the business?

  4. Readily Random says:

    Super Joe Pardo dishin’ out the the truth!! Great stuff!!

  5. QUEEZE_E_3 says:

    I remember playing pubg with you talking about making reaction videos, you gotta keep the sample size of the other videos to 30 seconds or below before you pause and talk. during editing make notes of the time stamps when you start and pause so if you run into copyright claims you have hard evidence of your video falling under fair use. if your video gets claimed you might run into the Company of the video and the producer of the music. as long as you keep it at 30 and have your time stamps you should be straight.

    • Super Joe Pardo says:

      I remember playing with you too! I appreciate the feedback and you taking the time to watch! πŸ™‚

      I have “perfected” the way I am showing the video based on a week worth of testing. I’m not worried about it getting claimed. I’m not worried about the music as I have taken care of that as well.

  6. Aimee J. says:

    Great reaction video Joe! I learned a lot just from hearing your thoughts. Insightful!

  7. bettywhiteismyhero says:

    β€œDo you have the power to let power go?” OMG! Such a critical question.

  8. Kenta Goto says:

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