Been #Busy #BookUpdate #Birthdays #AudioBook #Interview @LoganJrChef | Super Joe Pardo: Business Coach & More

Been #Busy #BookUpdate #Birthdays #AudioBook #Interview @LoganJrChef

On Friday I got to interview Logan Guleff for Dreamers Podcast who was the Master Chef Junior Season 2 winner! He was such a delight to have on the show. I can’t wait to share the episode with you in the coming weeks! 🙂

In the last couple days, I have gotten a chance to work some more on my book. I am very close to releasing a pre-release copy of it for review! Look for the cover in the next few days! I know, I know – the anticipation is killing me too!

I am working out the details with Al Kessel (Mr. Voice on Dreamers Podcast who does the opening and closings as well as three episodes) to release an audio book format of my upcoming book. How cool is that!?

This weekend has been jam packed with birthday meals. Melissa’s mom and my mom both celebrate birthdays almost on the same day. Also, my good friend Mike’s finance’s birthday is being celebrated later tonight! So happy birthday to all three of you! 🙂

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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