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Balance of Family and Entrepreneurship, Zechariah Newman!

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Balance of Family and Entrepreneurship, Zechariah Newman!

Zech loves to help restore the significance to life to himself and the people
around him!

Owning restaurants wasn’t enough for Zech! He has put extra time into writing,
coaching and speaking that has helped expand himself! I love Zech’s outlook on
life, as well as his passion to find balance between being an entrepreneur who
hasn’t been afraid to bounce around ideas of what he wants to do with his life
and his family.

I think it is really important to find a balance between work and family. And
Zech makes great points about not being able to conquer the world in just one
day. It is a quick way to wear yourself down and make you inaccessible to the
people around you that love and respect you. I know all about this first hand,
what overworking and over reaching can do to not only an entrepreneur, but to
the people left in the dust.

I encourage you all to check out Zech’s book, click the link below!

Buy Zechariah’s Dreams That Last!

Buy Silverline’s Be Still

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