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Balance BOLDLY Interview with Joe Pardo

Balance Boldy

I am so happy to bring you an inspiring interview I gave with my good friend Naketa Thigpen. Check out her site at!

Key Points Mentioned

  • Our experiences in our life have shaped us into who we are but it does not define us.
  • There is a shame associated with being great, people might look at you and say, “Who does he think he is calling himself, “Super.” #shaketheshame just be AWESOME.
  • It might be very difficult breaking expectations of family members because they associate you with being this one way.
  • Being able to look at things from a variety of perspectives is important to being open minded about situations and figuring things out.
  • It’s not bragging if you can do it.

Listen to “Episode 13-How To Gain Perspective and Thrive as an Entrepreneur” on Spreaker.

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