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3 Tips to Balance Life and Business on Authentic Parenting Podcast with Super Joe Pardo

Authentic Parenting Podcast

I am so glad that I got to meet Anna Seewald. She has a great podcast all about authentic parenting and was nice enough to ask me to come on. We met down at DC Podfest after I gave my talk about creating a movement with podcasting. I had a blast on her show and I’m really glad she decided to have me on my show. This is definitely one of the most personal interviews I have given to date! Click here to listen or listen below.

About this episode

Super Joe Pardo talks openly about the realities of balancing a growing business with a growing family (toddler and a newborn). Try to hold a toddler in your arms while keeping an eye on a sleeping newborn while conducing a video interview.

As much as Joe loves working from home and being part of his famille’s life, some things had to change in order to maximize productivity and  focus. He went from having an open door policy office, aka their dining room to a more defined space in their house-his wife’s scrapbooking room. Even though he feels a lot better and gets a lot of work done, he misses being in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the family happenings.   


-He tried the whole staying at home dad thing and it was really frustrating

-The upsides of having your kids around you while running your business

-He gave up his office downstairs to have a playroom for the kids

-On date nights and maintaining a relationship alive in a marriage

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