Ask The Podcast Coach with Special Guest Super Joe Pardo! – Super Joe Pardo

Ask The Podcast Coach with Special Guest Super Joe Pardo!

I am SUPER honored to be guest co-hosting alongside Hall of Fame Podcaster Dave Jackson on his show Ask The Podcast Coach! We talked about a ton of topics.

[2:29] Sales won’t save your business? What you talkin’ bout Joe?

[4:45] Big Interview leads to small downloads, why?

10:17 Fixing volume issues when someone is too quiet. See

13:10 Your Studio is on fire, what can you grab? – backup systems like Backblaze

16:44 ?

[20:36] Recording a year in advance?

[25:20] How has podcasting changed in 10 years?

[27:03] What phrase does it take to have you lose respect for someone (for them to lose their credibility)

30:03 Dave’s Video about New and Noteworthy

33:44 Joe uses the Rode Video Micro to record his video and then strips the audio

[34:52] How long until Apple loses their influence

[37:56] How many downloads does it take to have stats show in

40:28 an ATR2100 microphone didn’t work for a second and it took a reboot to fix


[48:45] Emily at Harvard says the content creators need to teach people how to subscribe

50:00 Dave is speaking at DCPodfest

50:54 Does Dave feel constrained working for Libsyn? Do I feel I am limited? (get a free month using the coupon code sopfree at )

[54:23] The pursuit of happiness, or the pursuit of fame and fortune.

57:30 Dave dating podcast? That was the original intent of Building a Better Dave

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