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Ashley Sanders is Streaming on Facebook Live Daily and Growing Her Audience Rapidly!

Ashley Sanders

Ashley Sanders is slowly becoming an internet sensation thanks to her “#30Days of laughter”. Though she was born in New Jersey, Ashley considers sunny south Florida her home. It was around the young age of 6 comedienne found her knack for laughter and hasn’t looked back. “One thing I’ll always be is funny, and no one can take that away from me.” Words directly from the young womans mouth. Feeling like a misfit in society took it’s toll on her, and she starting acting out, but one night she decided to get together. After dealing with all her teenage angst and finally making a life for herself, Ashley began working at JVC Broadcasting where she learned everything from being on air to setting up promotions tents.

These days Ashley moonlights as a social media marketer, while doing her best to keep her dreams of being a talk show host alive. Now that she’s establishing her brand, Ashley is hosting a weekly Facebook live talk show called “who’s this” where she beings on people just like her who are trying to live out their dreams as well. During her free time, she is playing video games, jumping on her friends podcast, making small 2 minute videos of absolutely nothing or sleeping. You can also read her blog which is updated weekly, on the struggles of taking care of her elderly grandmother.
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