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Al Kessel, Follow Up With Professional Voice Actor

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Al Kessel, Follow Up With Professional Voice Actor

Al Kessel has come a long way since being on episode of Dreamers Podcast and his
voice acting career is alive, well, and advancing towards commercials!

It is also fun having a familiar face back on the show to catch up and see just
how far their dreams have come, as well as changed! Al Kessel has been a huge
part of Dreamers Podcast. Being the voice you hear at the beginning and end of
every show is only one way Al Kessel has left his mark on the show. Al was vital
in the role of helping me get this show out of my head and onto the internet in
only two weeks, and I can’t thank him enough for his advice from beginning till
even today!

Al Kessel has started to make his way into the world of voice acting and shows
no signs of slowing down! I hope that Al keeps up the great work and pushing for
his dream so he and his wife Joyce can move to California and live happily just
outside of the walls of Disneyland. 🙂

Check out Al Kessel’s first appearance on Dreamers Podcast, which was way back
on episode 1!

Al Kessel also joined me on episode 100 of Dreamers Podcast, taking over the
show as the host!

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