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Air Affair

Today I want to talk about my love affair with my MacBook Air that lasted 8 months. Before I got the Air, I was using my late 2008 MacBook Pro 15″.

I’ve always had a love for 13″ laptops, even back to my Sony s460. Something about the balance between portability and power that I can’t get enough of. As soon as the new MacBook Air was released in late 2010, I knew it was time to jump ship from my 15″.

The configuration I got was the 13″ 256 GB storage, but only 2 GB of ram. At the time I thought the 2 GB would be enough, even though I was using 4 on my MacBook Pro. Also, it would give me a reason to update when the next one came out.

As it turned out, I needed a program called ‘ifreemem’ because I was constantly running out of free memory. I was able to tolerate this, but what got to me was that I had 50GB of pictures, and even more music that couldn’t be stored on my laptop. Which it needs to be, for djing purposes. Plus, I like to keep everything in one place.

I wound up purchasing the 1799$ MacBook Pro, and upgrading it with a Seagate Momentus XT 500 GB, and 8 GB of ram from G Skill. These upgrades have made this laptop really fly. I don’t think I would go back to an Air anytime soon. Though, this has forced me to use my iPhone more since my laptop doesn’t live under my bed at night. It stays on my desk in my bedroom and is used there.

My decision to get the one I did was not an easy one. Though, I think I made the right one, as I will probably upgrade to the next one if it’s radically different, as predicted. Probably just pop all of the original parts back in, and use my custom ones in the next MacBook, if possible. Of course, this time I will sell my MacBook Pro much sooner rather than later, like I did with my old ones.

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
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