#Adventurtorium24 [24 Hours Of Adventurtorium | Super Joe Pardo: Business Coach & More

#Adventurtorium24 [24 Hours Of Adventurtorium

Listen in to 24 hours (starting at 8 AM) of Adventurtorium, before it’s released at [4:14] PM Monday, on DisDads Radio! Also bid on 8×10 canvas prints of the cover art at Disdads and Magical Mouse Schoolhouse! All of the money goes straight to Give Kids the World!

You can win a canvas print by commenting or sharing on Magical Mouse Schoolhouse and DisDads Facebook pages!

Also stay tooned for a special one off print auction to benefit Give Kids the World here at Adventurtorium.com!

Please consider donating to GKtW right now by clicking the donate link on the right side of this page! Thank you!

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
A sixth-generation business coach who works with owners to help them build their business for their lifestyle. Click here to learn more about my story!

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