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Adam Brick Guy a non-profit who brings bricks to kids!

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Adam Brick Guy a non-profit who brings bricks to kids!

Adam Brick Guy is helping kids through the power of bricks!
The truth is there are many unknowns in the world and one of them is all the
details of the life and times of Adam Brick Guy’s founder, Adam. Sure, he has a
few brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents, and a few stories of growing
up as both an Aussie and American. All in all, what he was then, is what he is
now – passionate about giving back, making a community of do-gooders and of
course, showing the economics of it all – the benefits exceed the costs!

Over the years, Adam Brick Guy honed his life dreams into reality, by learning
the ways of the Economics and Accounting ninjas at the University of North
Texas, he achieved his college degrees. Even continuing his path of
enlightenment at Texas A & M University achieving a nirvana (or academically
speak for Master of Science) in Accounting. Never shying away from making the
world a better place, Adam always gave generously of his time and energies while
at school.

Now located in Houston, Adam has made a Texas size home for himself in the
hearts of many of his fellow co-workers and friends.  By day working for one of
the largest oil companies in the world, Adam is surrounded by spreadsheets,
reports and other data to make the business side of him quite happy. On the
evenings and weekends, when not thinking or working on Adam Brick Guy, mentoring
or one of the other thousand things he is involved in locally, he enjoys
reading, studying and staying fit. While doing all at the same time isn’t the
best idea, Adam finds time to do them separately as well as enjoy trivia nights,
dinner out with friends and laughing, mostly at his friends.

For Adam, Adam Brick Guy is more than colorful bricks, it is about where passion
meets action. Consciously doing the right thing for at-risk kids with a sound
economic plan to make a difference, that is Adam and that is Adam Brick Guy.

“Seeing an entire room of kids having a good time playing with bricks, that’s my
perfect moment.” – Adam, founder of Adam Brick Guy

Rock on, Adam, Rock on!




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