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A Human Project – Empowering Youth

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A Human Project – Empowering Youth

Wesley Chapman made a transformation from business power suit to living out his
life’s true calling by starting A Human Project!

HAPPY NEW YEAR DREAMERS!!! I hope you all are planning to make 2015 the best
year of your lives, with even the smallest steps towards making your dreams a
reality can lead to huge life changing events! I am so happy to have Wesley
Chapman on my show today to talk about his A Human Project. Wes and I also talk
about a great topic for today which is how goal setting with New Years
Resolutions can be destructive to your psyche. As we celebrate the future today
and remember the past, let’s keep our goals huge and obtainable by breaking them
down to smaller achievable steps so we don’t discourage ourselves from

I love Wesley Chapman’s vision for children who have less than ideal
environments to grow up in. Starting A Human Project has helped add clarity to
Wes’ life and I am honored to be able to share his story and where he is heading
with his organization.

I encourage you all to goto A Human Project.com and donate to help this great
cause! If you can’t donate, please fill out your email address on the website
and a $1 will be donated to the cause for you automagically. Together we can
make a difference for all of our futures. It’s a small world, and every child
matters when it comes to creating communities of tomorrow.

I hope you all have a magical and safe New Years Eve!

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