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Experience of Joining the Navy

Joining the Navy

Joy explains in detail the experience she had joining the Navy!

A huge thank you goes out to all veterans! Thank you giving up part of your life to serve our country!

Today’s episode is part of a huge project by over 45 podcasters to bring the voices of vets to your ears! To see which other podcasts are participating this awesome project goto VoicesForVets.co!

Special guest co-host Joy Hargraves from episode 65 of Dreamers Podcast joins me today on “Ladderday”!

In today’s episode Joy discusses her experience with boot camp for the Navy, such as food, sleeping conditions, showering, and much much more! Joy also offers up her advice for anyone considering joining the Navy.

I am looking to help my fellow dreamers climb their dream ladders! So please send your questions in, so my guest co-hosts and I can help you along your way! 

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