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24 Hour Charity Event For Extra Life Day!

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Plus Two Comedy has raised $500 for Extra Life Day so far, which is going to Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

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You can watch the interview on youtube!

Noah Houlihan was on Dreamers Podcast episode 77 and he talked about an event that his comedy crew, Plus 2 Comedy, was hosting down at Jester’s Playhouse to raise money for charity!

On October 25, 2014 Plus 2 Comedy hosted a charity event called Extra Life Day! Where Noah and his Plus 2 Comedy comrades played really hard games, and had to beat them within 24 hours or donate $100 to a video game based charity for kids! The catch is that people online and at the event could donate to give them handicaps throughout their endeavor!

Here is a list of the handicaps they had listed on their site:

$1 – Shot with a Nerf Gun $5 – Shot of Hot Sauce $5 – An hour of dumb glasses $5 – Shot of booze (After 11PM) $5 – Force Noah to play Super Puzzle Fighter $10 – Make our players swap $10 – Cinnamon Challenge $10 – Play in Ice for 15 minutes $15 – Tape a player’s arms together for 15 minutes $15 – Make EVERYONE swap games $20 – Play hung upside down for 15 minutes $20 – Play 5 nights at Freddy’s (After Dark) $25 – Play while being shocked for 15 mniutes $25 – Another player joins Battletoads $30 – Two Dudes, one controller $50 – Arm waxed $75 – Leg Waxed $100 – Rest the game.

I was lucky enough to be able to recover from a wedding the prior day and head down to see the wrap up of the event.

Plus 2 Comedy is three comedians from New Jersey and New York perform comedy of the geek/ nerd culture. They tackel tough subjects like video games, Anime, RPG’s and more…much more.

I am so happy that I was able to get to show up to the went and even get to donate some money! Heck, I even got to shoot some nerf darts at the crew. 🙂 You can still donate by clicking here!

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