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Difficult Bosses and Making Something Known Your Own

Difficult Bosses

Tom Ameen joins me to talk about how to deal with difficult bosses and making something known your own!

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Special guest co-host Tom Ameen [from episode 23] today on the first ever series of “Ladderday” episodes!

Tom and I tackle a question from Jennifer today about how to deal with difficult bosses. We both have had to deal with difficult bosses over the years, in my many different forms than just the traditional sense of the word boss. Difficult bosses can be a sticky situation, but Tom and I have some great ways to help you deal with

From there we move into how to take creative pieces of work and making them your own.

Tom has put out three piano cover albums of Disney music that has his own creative voice added to each song. While I, as a DJ, have put out plenty of music over the years where I mashup songs in my own creative voice.

Click Here to check out Tom’s newest cover! Featuring the music from Poltergeist and Halloween!

I am looking to help my fellow dreamers climb their ladders! So please send your questions HERE!!

Want to learn more about DJing? Watch this video of me giving a speech on the fundamentals of DJing!

Episode 93 (Ladderday Episode 5)

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