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Critically Acclaimed FOXED! Movie Director James Stewart

foxed! movie

FOXED! by director James Stewart is a stop motion animation short that has won 7 awards from film festivals all across the world!

**Update: David Cronenberg Producer Turning Animated Short ‘Foxed!’ Into Feature Movie**
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James Stewart grew up with a love for being creative. He didn’t realize until after high school, that film making and especially directing was what he wanted to pursue as a career.

Five years ago, James decided that he wanted to make a film like Coraline, and teamed up with a director of photography to make FOXED! happen! The two of them self financed the film, and put the set in James’ studio. It would take a year before the four minute film, FOXED!, would be complete to send out to film festivals!

FOXED! has been shown in 80 film festivals all over the world, and it has won lots of awards! It deserves every bit of the acclaim! I personally have watched FOXED! and I got to say it left me wanting more; I love it! I am so happy about the message that FOXED! has, and I really hope that it gets to the funding and support it needs to become a feature length film! I am also very thankful that James took the time to support Dreamers Podcast by coming on the show.

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