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John Scanlan Published A Crime Novel In Secret, Even From His Wife!

John Scanlan

John Scanlan began writing his first published crime novel, thanks to spare time his job and life had created for him!

While John always enjoyed reading, he never really set out to become a published author of a crime novel. Let alone the fact that he now has a second published crime novel as well! John, being a cop in Florida, didn’t goto school for writing but he loved to read a good crime novel. Being a cop, John realized that most of what would happen in the crime novel wouldn’t happen in real life.

So when John set out to start writing his first crime novel one night while his wife and first child were sleeping, he just got started with the way he thought books were written. John’s crime novels are written as if they really could happen, which gives them realism, while still being entertaining.

John Scanlan is a great guy and I love how he turned something that he would’ve just kept as a hobby and turned it into a hopeful future retirement job! I also like the approach that John took with keeping his project a secret so there would be no fear of having to be judged before it was ready.

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