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3rd Culture Kid Making A Difference In The World

3rd Culture Kid

Tayo Rockson, a 3rd culture kid, is using his difference to make a difference!

Growing up, Tayo was a nomad moving between several countries which made him a 3rd culture kid. Being different and trying to fit him was something that was difficult at first for Tayo to do, but he found ways to fit in while still being true to himself! As Tayo grew up, he realized that he wanted to use his differences to make a difference in the world, and put his entrepreneurial skills to work! Writing a book to fill a gap that Tayo felt he could help people utilize their differences to change the world!

Tayo eventually went on to start a podcast called, “As Told By Nomads”. He interviews people who grew up in multiple countries in their formative years and are now making a difference in the world. Of course, this is all while he is working to achieve his MBA up in New York City.

Tayo and I have become good friends, and you can hear him on the first episode of Dreamers Podcast’s Ladderday here! He is a great guy, and I really believe if anyone can make a difference in this world, he can!

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