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Band Together Bringing Music and Charity Together

Band Together

Danny Rosin has an entrepreneurial  streak. He not only founded his own company called Brand Fuel, but used his leadership experience there to help raise money after 9/11 by cofounding a dynamic nonprofit, Band Together, in North Carolina!

Danny Rosin cofounded Band Together as a way to help families of the victims of 9/11 due to feeling helpless right after tragic 9/11 events. Flash forward 13 years later and Band Together is currently trending toward million dollar concert events! The organization is unique because it reinvents itself every year by helping raise funds and awareness for a different cause. Danny his a story of how important it is to give back – even when it is hardest. You will be inspired by his ability to balance work, charity and family even when times are toughest.

Band Together takes place in North Carolina right now, and is currently the largest music based charity in the Southeast! Along with this volunteer-driven organization, Band Together doesn’t plan to stop there! There is discussion of the possibility of growing outside of NC’s borders and creating a Band Together tour across the US, helping more cities and more people, leveraging the powerful medium of live music.

Thirteen years in the making and only getting bigger and stronger as the years go by, Band Together is a great example of what can happen when you put the needs of others in front of the needs of yourself!

I’m really happy that Danny and I were able to chat, and it’s all thanks to Megan Erber of Brynn Speaks Promo who was on episode 19 of Dreamers Podcast!

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