Cloud 9

Alex Hart Musician and Band Member of Cloud 9

Cloud 9

Becoming a musician didn’t come easily or quickly for Alex! Now he enjoys the benefits, getting play in an awesome band called Cloud 9!

Alex demanded of himself that he be self taught at becoming a musician. The rode for him was much longer and harder than if he had gone a different route, he admits. While Alex was in middle school, he thought he sounded pretty good. When he got to high school and went on to be rejected twice from getting to play in the school drum line,  that weighed heavily on wether he would continue. But in his junior year, Alex made the cut and went onto become World Champions!

Cloud 9 is a great band and I really recommend you check out at least the youtube video below! They do a lot of great covers and are very talented for all of them being in high school/college!

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