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Vince Massimini: Coach of the Cougars Semi-Pro Roller Hockey Team

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What started out as volunteering for his kids’ roller hockey team, turned into a real passion!

Vince  has been coaching the Cougars Roller Hockey Team for a long time at this point in his life. When Vince got started though he had only played a limited amount of hockey growing up so it was pretty new for him even though he and experience in other sports as well. Having many championships under his belt as the Cougars Roller Hockey Club, he is a well seasoned vet who has a lot of advice in this episode for people looking to become coaches, as well as the parents of children playing.

I have known Vince Massimini for quite a few years now, as he runs the hockey shop at the rink I play at (which is owned by Mike Stoever, which you can hear from him on episode 32)! Vince is a great guy who is always willing to help everyone that comes into his shop, even if they aren’t there to buy something. It’s great to see how someone could go from knowing nothing of a sport to becoming an expert and having a real passion for it.

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