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7-Figure International Serial Entrepreneur From Transylvania, Robert Indres

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About Robert Indres
Robert Indries is a serial entrepreneur who at the time of this writing owns 3
companies, one of which is Wesrom Corporation. He was born into a modest family
in a small town in Transylvania and now travels about 50,000KM around the world,
every year, whilst his companies generate 6-7-figures a year, each. Over the
course of his career, he’s helped his clients generate over tens of millions in
new business, has built a variety of cross-platform software applications, and
held seminars for business owners on 3 continents and in 3 different languages.
He also wrote a book on how to reach and maintain high levels of health and
energy, which he sold in 4 countries. His heart is in the loving arms of a
beautiful angel, Adriana, and his mind and body are constantly being pushed to
reach ever greater levels of health, fitness, competence, and wisdom.
Robert’s ultimate dream is to create a world that’s 10x better when he leaves it
than when he came into it. High-quality, affordable healthcare for everyone, a
global education system that truly helps people reach their full potential, and
interstellar space travel are just a few of the items on his list. If you’d like
to talk to Robert, you can send him an email to robert@wesrom.com. Just mention
you learned about him on Dreamers Podcast and he promises he’ll respond.
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Super Joe Pardo
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