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Kimberly Markey Marathoning WITH Cancer


cancerKimberly has dealt with having cancer and running a marathon at the same time!

Kimberly found comfort in running, and only thirty days after have surgery for her breast cancer she ran her first marathon! Since then she has become an unstoppable force, not letting anything get in her way including six chemotherapy treatments and recovery. She mentions that she has even more running under her belt than previous guest Eddie McCoy! Kimberly is working on trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2015, and talking with her the other day it seems like she is still very much confident she will be able to make it a reality! I look forward to having her on the show for a follow up to talk about how she is still cancer free and made her dreams of Boston qualifying come true!

Kimblery is a great example of not only how to have a great attitude through the dreaded word, cancer. But what we can all take away from her spirit is that, we just need to keep on smiling! It can always be worse for us, but with just a smile it can make everything seem not so bad.

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