Kiddiepreneur Weekend 2016 – Super Joe Pardo

Kiddiepreneur Weekend 2016

Kiddiepreneur Weekend 2016

I got to be the opening keynote speaker at Kiddiepreneur Weekend 2016!

In this episode I got to interview Jessica Woodlee while at Kiddiepreneur weekend 2016 which I got to be the opening keynote speaker for! Jessica got to sing the National Anthem to kick the event off, which you can hear after the pre-show in this episode. You can check out the talk on YouTube below. You can also listen to the talk at the end of the jump as well. I also included my friend Pete Trabucco‘s talk in this episode after the pre-show.

I got to meet so many adults and kids doing amazing things this weekend! So look forward to future episodes with interviews with these awesome people!

Matt and I talk about a ton of topics that have been burning on my mind this past week!

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  • Kiddiepreneur Weekend 2016 wrap up
  • Explaining business expenses to people who don’t understand business.
  • We have all of the answers we need inside of us, sometimes we just need help to pull them out.
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