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2016 Goals For My Business, How Are Your Goals Coming?

2016 Goals

Sometimes we run behind when setting our goals for a year, but this is my 2016 goals for my business.

I know this is the type of post that you are supposed to write before the year gets started, but I’m here to put the flag into my 2016 goals.

  1. Have 300 attendees at my podcasting conference (already well on my way to doing that!)
  2. Release 3 Books (2 of the three are already planned out)
  3. Finish my card game and successfully kickstart it
  4. Write regularly here on SuperJoePardo.com
  5. Continue to release Dreamers Podcast weekly, tracking my journey along the way
  6. Do more “Let’s Talk Online Business”

This list may grow before the end of the year, but as of right now this is what I am setting my sights on. What are your goals looking like for 2016 and how are you making progress on them? Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Super Joe Pardo
Super Joe Pardo
A sixth-generation business coach who works with owners to help them build their business for their lifestyle. Click here to learn more about my story!

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