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2 Y/O, Seth’s Medical Bills Are Crushing

Medical Bills

Medical bills have been a crushing blow to Veronica and her husband and they are looking for help!

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Seth was born with twelve fingers, and had to have the extra two removed from both hands. The medical bills piled up from the surgery that he required right after birth in order to insure he would have normal hands. Even with health insurance, covering eighty percent of surgery left them with over $10,000 in debt. Veronica and her husband were able to muddle their way through the bills and were able to get it paid down.

Last christmas, Seth unfortunately got away from his baby sitters and knocked over a boiling pot of water that was being used to make soup. Pouring the hot water onto his body caused first and second degree burns on 20% of his body. Fortunately for Seth, he closed his eyes or else he would likely be blind in one eye. Getting the news of his was very traumatizing for Veronica, so much so that a few weeks after the accident, she had to take a leave from work to get help for her post-traumatic stress disorder.

The medical bills that have piled up from that accident have left their family in debt in excess of $10,000! Faced with bankruptcy as one of the few options left for them, they did what they never wanted to do. They reached out to the internet to help them raise the money to save their futures. Veronica and her husband are very modest and don’t like to ask for help, and even pulled it down after they initially put up the GoFundMe.com campaign. It was only by the hands of close friends that they decided to go ahead and not pull it down.

When I heard about this from my brother, who is very good friends with them, I wanted to help in anyway I could. So, after I made a donation to the fund, I wanted to help them by reaching out to my friend (and future guest) Krystian Leonard of Shining S.C.A.R.S. She agreed to help spread the word, as well as donate her book to Seth which deals with growing up with scars and how awesome they can be!

Please help this family by going to http://www.gofundme.com/ir2s14 and donating whatever you can!

I really appreciate your help in making this happen! I want to make this a regular thing on my show going forward. So if you know someone who you know that would be good be a good person to help, please shoot me a message!

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