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Amy Robles Thinks Enrichment Through Budgeting

Amy Robles

As a military mom, Amy Robles has had to deal with a lot of ups and downs, but made many of them easier with figuring out her finances and is now helping others think enriched!

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I am so happy that friend of the show Doc Kennedy chose to connect me with Amy Robles! Her story is like many out there, not knowing how to budget their spending and eventually succumbing to back breaking debt. Fortunately for Amy, and all of us, she decided to do something about her debt problems! Asking tough questions about what is needed versus what is wanted to break down their expenses and rapidly get them out of debt.

In this episode Amy and I spend some time talking about how to use tools and discipline to help create the enriched life you want while still being on a budget!

Tools mentioned by Amy Robles and myself:

You Need A Budget


Episode 184

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