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Cheval John Started His Own Media Company

Cheval John

Cheval John took his passion and drive into his own hands and started an online media company with blogging as well as podcasting!

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Vallano Media:

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Twitter: @chevd80



I am so happy to have Cheval John on my show today to talk about how he got his start with his online media company Vallano Media. We also get into a little bit about the future of podcasting and digital media as a whole.

Cheval John is a person who gives 110% to everything that he does. Whether it is writing stories on his site, putting out a quality show as a host/podcaster on BlogTalkRadio, or volunteering for different organizations, Cheval John will give it his all to make sure that people are satisfied.

Cheval’s motto is: “To be the best you can be and if you change a person’s life, then you’ve done your job.”

Episode 169

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Super Joe Pardo
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