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8 Year Old Alex Mckelvey’s 6,000 Random Acts of Kindness

Alex Mckelvey

Alex Mckelvey decided to honor her late grandmother by starting out with sixty random acts of kindness which quickly grew to six-hundred!

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I am so happy to bring a very special little girl named Alex McKelvey today! Her mom Sarah was so nice to get back to me so I could share Alex’s story with all of you. And I am so proud of her and her new found goal of adding yet another zero to her 600 random acts of kindness!

Alex Mckelvey’s project started in September 2013, when her grandmother died. To honor her life, Alex and her family vowed to complete 60 acts of kindness by what would have been her grandmother’s 60th birthday on March 22, 2014, The News Tribune reported. When she met that goal last year, Alex raised the bar and aimed to complete 600 acts of kindness by the same date in 2015.

“I picked 600 because it was 10 times more than 60,” said Alex McKelvey. “And we’re not going to stop there. We’re going to do thousands, then a million. I’d like to reach so many people.”

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