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Magical Mouse Schoolhouse Married Disney And Home Schooling

Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

Jodi Whisenhunt started Magical Mouse Schoolhouse because she enjoyed teaching her own home schooled children with some Disney magic!

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Magical Mouse Schoolhouse

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Jodi Whisenhunt is a great example of what something that starts out as a hobby can turn into. Having people believe in what you do is easily one of the greatest feelings you can have in life. Jodi has had her Disney home schooling book turned down by traditional publishers for being too much or too little Disney/school book. She didn’t stop there, she pushed ahead with publishing it on her own on Amazon.

Jodi’s vision has gone beyond just home schooling and is even being taught in some classrooms!


Magical Mouse Schoolhouse reveals the educational opportunities available from Walt Disney entertainment and encourages you to stretch the boundaries of your home classroom with teachable moments found in Disney movies, Disney theme parks, Disney art, and more!

Jodi Whisenhunt, feature writer and owner of Magical Mouse Schoolhouse, is an award-winning freelance writer and editor. She and her family have visited Walt Disney World numerous times and have been homeschooling since 2000.

Buy Magical Mouse Schoolhouse Learn While You Play at Walt Disney World Resort is now available in print at at, CreateSpace, and Barnes & Noble. Also on Kindle & Nook.

In related Disney news, I have released part one of Adventurtorium The Movie: A Musical Retelling of Pixar’s Up!

Episode 154

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