The Jiu Jitsu Entrepreneur Megan Erber Returns | Super Joe Pardo

The Jiu Jitsu Entrepreneur Megan Erber Returns

Megan Erber

Megan Erber of Brynn Speaks Promo joins me to follow up on how her endeavor going into business for herself has been so far!

Connect with Megan Erber!


Today I have a follow up episode with Megan Erber who was with us way back on episode 19! We discuss how things have been for her since leaving her corporate job to pursue her own company, Brynn Speaks Promo. Megan’s journey has not be one without new road blocks, and we talk about how she has come up with different ways to overcome them.

Check out this awesome behind the scenes video of Megan during a photo shoot she did recently!

Episode 149

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