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Video Production And Photography With Fernando

Fernando Garcia

Working with lighting in the video production industry is Fernando Garcia’s passion and dream job!

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Fernando Garcia was born and raised in Miami, FL  he is 1st generation Cuban-American. Fernando has been photographing since he was 16 in high school and intends to never stop doing it. Throughout his time in photography Ferdie experienced the industry in many ways. Having worked with a chain studio for 2 years while ranked as an editor of photography for his college newspaper and working for other publications Fernando has been blessed with great opportunities that have made him grow as an artist. More recently he has worked shooting sports and models whilst continuing to learn by assisting other photographers and various texts. Fernando’s goal is always the same; create eye-catching, thought-provoking amazing pictures while providing a great experience to his subject.

Fernando graduated with a bachelor of Arts degree from the University of South Florida studying Women’s studies and communication. Having studied these fields he has grown an understanding to how he can create the safest environment for all especially the models he works with.

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