Ani Alexander Pushed To Pursue Her Dream

Ani Alexander Pushed To Pursue Her Dream

Ani Alexander

Ani Alexander didn’t let her job take over her life anymore, she took action!

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Ani Alexander could see herself slipping into a depressive circle. Living in Armenia, she took advantage of a new telecommunications company coming into the country for a good paying job. She quickly saw herself going to work for 12-14 hours a day, coming home and spending only dinner with her family. This was before she had to crack her laptop open and work well into the night.

Putting her foot down, with the help of her husband, she decided to advance her passion of writing into a career. Ani Alexander didn’t know exactly what she was getting herself into, but found success in writing novels. Even though Ani had never written anything longer than a short story before. Ani Alexendar is now a published author in English and in Spanish, internationally! She has even started up a podcast called Write 2B Read to help other authors find their path in writing.

I hope that Ani keeps up the good work, and helping others! I hope to be on her show at some point. 😉

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