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Saving People Money With


SavingsAngel, created by Josh Elledge, to save people money on their grocery bills!

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Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs definitely had a profound impact on Josh’s life. He knew that he didn’t want to work on a nine to five job for the rest of his life. Josh knew he wanted to spend more time with his family, as well as make a profound impact in the world with his work. After having mediocre success out of the gate of leaving his job working in media. Josh found success in SavingsAngel when he did lots of research on how to save people money on their grocery bills!

The success of SavingsAngel has been running for over eight years now and going! He has been able to create the life he wants to live, and help people save money so they can enjoy their lives more. Josh has also recently branched out into a new venture called Millions in Free Media.

Josh is also the host of 90 Days to Abundance Podcast and I can definitely recommend checking out his show!

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