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Defeat Distractions with John Lee Dumas!


Entrepreneur and fear bear hugger, John Lee Dumas and I take on distractions!

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Entrepreneur on Fire



Special guest co-host John Lee Dumas from Entrepreneur on Fire joins me today on “Ladderday”!

Today John Lee Dumas and I take on distractions head on! We power through ways to avoid falling into the pit falls that distractions create.

I am honored and extremely happy to have John on the show today! He is such a nice and genuine guy, and deserves all of the success he has worked so hard for. We recorded two episodes, and the second episode will come out on next Ladder Day!

John Lee Dumas also joins me on Episode 108 about Conquering Fear of the Unknown!

Apps Mentioned In The Episode

Mac Freedom


I am looking to help my fellow dreamers climb their dream ladders! So please send your questions in, so my guest co-hosts and I can help you along your way! 

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P.S. The Song That Doesn’t End is a tribute to the never ending cycle and struggles of dealing with distractions!

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Episode 111 (Ladderday Episode 11)

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