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"One of the best moves (with your help), was to delegate so many of the tasks that I was carrying on my shoulder. We've added 5 staff members and they are giving me the freedom to be more of a coach and a vision-ear for our company."


Sand CosmeticsI did not have a clue about selling things on my website. All of my questions were answered, and I was given additional information pertaining my cosmetic line. The information I received from Mr. Joe Pardo was breathtaking. Thank you Joe!

Dymond Walker

What can i say about Joe? He's great! He's smart! He's kind!...No, wait, He's SUPER! Ok, pun intended, but Joe does live up to his name. Joe found out about my entrepreneurial endeavors in starting up my own business and he became immediately interested in finding out what made me tick, what was behind the motivation and creativity surrounding my venture.

Later, upon finding that I was sort of at a rut in my business, we discussed not only the current state of my business, but dig into ways of growing it. My relationship with Joe began as a Facebook acquaintance and built into a friendship. I'm amazed at his continual built up energy and focus on finding the "Super" in YOU! Don't let his super-friendly attitude ever fool you though, he's wise beyond his years and very attuned to what it takes to become successful, on your own, in today's world!

Robert Searing
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